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moved in and covered in white paint....

9th. Aug, 2008 | 02:54 pm
location: home
music: kids outside, and birds

So, I'm finally moved in and settled down.  I painted my room (which had been rendered entirely black by its previous occupant.  Like, black box theater black, with black velvet stapled to the ceiling.), it's yellow, greenish, and blue, with bits of fabric hanging all over the place.  Still no bed yet, just the mattress on the floor, but I salvaged some awesome and sturdy table legs from behind Pier 1 Imports last week, so I'll build something interesting eventually.

I performed as a living statue this morning at North Hills, for their farmers market.  It's a fairly nice event, decent pedestrian traffic, friendly people.  There was a guy singing and playing guitar today, he had a nice voice.  A flower girl gave me 2 zinnias, which I ended up giving to small children.  I also received 4 flowers (impatiens) picked from the mall plantings and given to me by small children.  There was a girl with a sketch book who did a bunch of gesture drawings of me, and a woman bought me an iced tea, which was a new experience.  I actually drank it (with a straw), as she held it up to my face, which was weird, but I was really really thirsty, and was planning on being there for a while longer.  It would amuse me if the mall put up a sign that said Please Do Not Feed the Statuary.  I had less success than usual removing the makeup, so I'm gonna be strangely white for a while.....

I'm going to stop by my parents house this evening to pick up/drop off a few things and say hi, drive out to Wake Forest and pick up some old glass panes which should be useful for something (yay freecycle!), and then drop by Shea's to let him photograph me spinning staff for practice (he's doing photos for some friends of his who spin fire).

Oh, and I got a regular job, finally.  Yay!  I now work in the Museum Store for the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences, which is downtown about 10 minutes from the house.  Hurrah.

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26th. Jun, 2008 | 11:12 am

So, lately I've been inundated with mental lists of everything I need to do in the next month to keep everything from frolicking off merrily to hell in a handbasket.  All the little loose ends are starting to flail around too much, it's time to get everything tied down and forced back into some semblance of order.  I wish myself luck.

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This way to the lost city.....

8th. May, 2008 | 05:15 pm

And, this is what happens when a volcano erupts during the middle of a thunderstorm.  Apocalypse, anyone?

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(no subject)

6th. May, 2008 | 01:10 pm
mood: contentcontent

I finally managed to get out running again.  Need to get to the barn later this evening, must ride horse excessively.

I fell down an embankment of roots while running through Falls Lake Park, and twisted my ankle a bit.  It was fine for the remainder of the run and the equivalent walk back, but not quite so much any more.  Yay epinephrine!

The walking back part was actually extremely pleasant, and put me back in touch with the nature-inclined part of me that's been sat on by the busy-doing-school-and-such part of me.  I need to get back out in the woods more, maybe with a circle of rocks and some smoldering sage...

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The Subtle Hand of Chaos on the Neck

3rd. May, 2008 | 01:57 pm
location: Raleigh
mood: vague
music: empty house noises, traffic and a bird

So.  I had the Venetian Mime/ Renaissance Jester performance for the accountants ethics conference in Myrtle Beach last night.  Which went quite spectacularly well.  Patch the jester was the 2nd most fun I've ever had doing a character, the only thing that bests him was  Puckpuck from Bare Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  It was even more of a head trip than doing Pan at NCRF last year, particularly the last 45 minutes where I sat at a table and talked with 2 women who had had their fair tasting of the wine that as available throughout the evening.  They were rather entertained and highly amused by my stubborn refusal to drop character.

Ended up staying in a hotel room at the resort where the convention was held (a bit more than I would have like to pay, but rather a nice beach timeshare sort of place, and I was granted a rather discounted rate due to being a performer there.  yay perks.) because I didn't feel like driving up and down the strand and attempting to book a motel room at 11pm in Myrtle Beach.

So, excellent evening, entertaining performance, excellent food provided by generous wait staff at the end of the evening, nice room.

Cue the morning after:

Woke up slightly too late, realized I'd left my check in the office where I changed costumes the night before, went there, it was locked, went to main office, procured staff to unlock door, departed Myrtle Beach.  Got horrendously lost.  Driving through the rather pleasant agriculturally inclined middle of nowhere in South Carolina, which would have been enjoyable were I not needing to get back to Apex by 11 for my (I thought) 12:30 performance as Exentrik at the Apex Peak Festival.  Finally find 95 by a sheer coincidence of "I'm never getting home today.  oh look, 95's that way!"  Am driving along.  Receive phone call from Jeffrey's mom  "Performance is at 11:30."


Driving down 95, keeping with flow of traffic, state trooper decides that I am in need of a speeding ticket.  Despite the fact that most of the traffic around me was actually going faster than I was, apparently it was my turn.

And now for the fun part:  my inspection sticker expired in February.  Somehow (probably due to the fact that since we're on the side of a narrow part of I-95 the trooper was conducting the interaction through the passenger window, he manages not to notice.  I'm in a lovely state of panic though, because I'd really rather not have to pay for both violations at once....

Eventually make it to Peak Week, and am finally back home.  Tired.  In peculiar jumbly state of mind.  I have house cleaning to do, and need to figure out how to extract the rest of my payment from the booking agent (who is in Myrtle Beach.)  yay.

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